On December 14, Rabbi Soetendorp has been the first speaker at “De Nieuw Wij” (“The New Way”) - a series of three cultural events that combine classical music with words of wisdom and inspiration. During the event, Rabbi Soetendorp read some poems he has written, quoted the Earth Charter and the Charter for Compassion that he co-authored and shared his motivation that inspired his work for interreligious and intergenerational understanding and collaboration for the past 40 years.

His readings and presentations were accompanied by three musicians of the Residency Orchestra of The Hague. Before the event, Rabbi Soetendorp addressed a group of young people and talked to them about the need for compassion and respect in today’s world. More than 100 people joined the event that took place in the Palais Church in The Hague and was organized by the Stichting Munay. More information about upcoming events can be found here.

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