The Soetendorp Institute joins Green Cross International (GCI) in condoling the victims of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti. "We form one human family, and indeed one human body. When one part of the body aches, we all feel the pain. Therefore our prayers are with the children, women, and men who survived this horrible disaster, and are in need of our urgend assistance," said Rabbi Soetendorp. As President of Green Cross Netherlands, Rabbi Soetendorp participated in GCI's General Assembly that was held on January 15 and 16, and helped frame a statement on Haiti, urging world leaders to speed up preparedness to natural calamities as part of a rapid and strong response to climate change.

The statement paid condolences to the victims of the Haiti earthquake and noted that it painfully demonstrates human fragility in front of the forces of nature. "Haiti’s tragedy is a poignant reminder of the unfinished business in Copenhagen,” the assembly affirmed. “The climate change related mitigation and adaptation measures can help us respond not only to the destructive potential of climate change-induced natural catastrophes, but to other national disasters similar to Haiti’s.”

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