Rabbi Soetendorp serves as one of the senior international advisers of the OneVoice  Movement, which is an international mainstream grassroots movement with over 640,000 signatories in roughly equal numbers both in Israel and in the Palestinian Territories, including 1,800 highly trained youth leaders. It aims to amplify the voice of the overwhelming but heretofore silent majority of moderates who wish for peace and prosperity, empowering them one_voice_logoto demand accountability from elected representatives and work toward a two-state solution guaranteeing an end to occupation and violence, and a viable, independent Palestinian state at peace with Israel.

On January 18, only hours after the Gaza Ceasefire was announced, OneVoice brought Palestinian youth leaders to the University of Tel Aviv and engaged them in a vivid and open exchange with Israeli student. One student in the audience is reported to have said that if it was between he and the OneVoice Palestine leaders, the conflict could be solved in one hour.

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