jordan2009_closing_king_schwabRabbi Awraham Soetendorp was among 1,400 leaders from 85 countries that participated in the World Economic Fourm on the Middle East that closed on May 17, 2009 with a commitment to show leadership for change and development in the region.

The Forum put a special focus on the action items of 
Energy - increase conxervation; deveop alternative energies; and utilize smart grids.
Youth - with 65% of the Arab world’s population under the age of 25, the region must develop this bulge by “providing them with education and developing, retaining and attracting talent,” said Samir Brikho, Chief Executive Officer, Amec, United Kingdom, and Co-Chair of the meeting. He also called on participants to be role models to the youth. Please watch out for Rabbi Soetendorp's report that will be coming soon.

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