blessingThank you for signing the statement "A Fundamental Shift in Mindset - Water, from a Commercial Commodity to a Sacred Gift"!

May we be able to bring forth a mighty stream of compassion, love and unwavering political commitment to provide water and sanitation for everyone!

Please take inspiration from the words of wisdom, interfaith statements and passages of our sacred texts on water that we have gathered here.

You will find more background information about the Wings for Water Multistakeholder Dialogue and the World Water Day 2013 Celebrations here

For updates about the progress of this statement and updates about the international interfaith collaboration on water, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Programme Coordinator of the Soetendorp Institute at You do not even need to add any text. 

"We have come together from all sectors of society, beyond borders to commit ourselves to form an enduring partnership for living water and we call upon every world citizen to do the same. Our religious and philosophical traditions teach us that we are one human family, one Earth community with one destiny. We form one body, and when one part of the body aches, all other parts feel the pain. We must internalize this innate human sensitivity in concrete actions in the coming decades to ensure that pure water and sanitation will be in reach of every member of the human family."
Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp

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