children_in_india_2_smallEvery voice counts! Join the growing global movement asking governments to honor their committments to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Millions still live in extreme poverty, yet the world has enough money, resources and technology to end poverty forever. The MDGs are a unique opportunity...

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Rabbi Soeptendorp explains in an audio interview why religious leaders need to be present at the World Economic Forum. To listen to the podcast, click here...

de.Cascade 14, Opiniemagazine Stichting Cosmicus, December 2010: Een moniaal partnerschap vereist

Trouw, 23 June, 2010 De rabbijn en de Palestijnse soefisjeik waren echte vrienden

Trouw, 6 May, 2010: Ik knok mijn hele leven voor nuanceringen

Trouw, 10 December, 2009: Zonnepanelen op kerken en...

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